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I empower women to take control of their finances so they can feel confident about their future financial wellbeing.

Hi, I'm Amanda

I’m the Founder and Money Coach (AKA Financial Coach) at Her Money Collective.

With over 24 years of experience in the financial industry, my journey has evolved from being a long-standing Financial Adviser to a passionate mission-driven coach: empowering women to elevate their financial well-being.

money coaching financial wellbeing amanda her money collective

Meet Amanda, Your Financial Coach

Unveiling the passion and journey behind Her Money Collective

My personal experiences have been instrumental in shaping my mission. I intimately understand the challenges of managing a demanding career while raising a family. The stress, the constant juggling, and the immense pressure that can come with it. A turning point in my life, marked by burnout and the desire for change, led me to re-evaluate my path. My family and I relocated to a serene beachside suburb, venturing into a new lifestyle. In this newfound space, I not only launched my own business but also successfully sold it!

During this transformative journey, I discovered the profound importance of purpose and fulfilment. I found immense joy in creating a platform that empowers women, regardless of their life stage or circumstances. This quest for purpose ignited my passion and commitment to help women become the heroines of their own financial journey. I firmly believe that financial well-being is within reach for everyone, and I’m dedicated to guiding you on this path.

Whether you’re a career-focused professional, a parent navigating the demands of work and family, or someone seeking to regain control over your financial well-being, I’m here to help. By establishing Her Money Collective as a supportive community offering coaching and resources, I’m honoured to bring women together, empowering them to take charge of their financial future.

A Bit More About Me

Whether you know me well or not at all, here’s a peek into my world!

I’m Mum to two amazing kiddos and a gorgeous fur-baby, married to my high-school sweetheart (yep, we’ve been together over 26 years!) and loving life in my 40’s! I relish moments of peace and quiet (rare in our house!), love drinking Chai tea & soda water (not together!), have recently converted from a glamper-to-a-camper and now enjoy outdoor adventures. I’ve rediscovered my adventurous side with a renewed desire for travel (Europe here we come in 2024!) and enjoy taking on creative projects – I don’t think I’d have dreamt that I would have enjoyed sanding back old furniture and adding more pre-loved pieces to our home even just 5 years ago!

And whilst I’m a total introvert, I love to chat, am super friendly and am thoroughly enjoying my personal journey in recent years. I’ve decided to no longer let my fears hold me back, to take the leap out of my comfort zone and am willing to “put myself out there” on the web and, very soon, on social media to peruse my passion.

My true calling lies in helping women, and being able to do this work brings me immense joy. It’s humbling that just writing this down is making me a bit teary. I’m the kind of person who believes in giving my all. I set high expectations for myself, embrace challenges that many wouldn’t dare to, and sometimes (well, quite often!), I take on more than I probably should. But here’s the thing — I’m learning, and I’m committed to the journey of growth.

One of my greatest loves is learning. I seek to grow my knowledge from books and others, through listening, doing, watching, and creating. The beauty of it is, I’ll never stop learning, and if I can help even one woman improve her financial well-being, I’m thrilled. Yet, my mission extends far beyond one. I’m determined to assist many more wonderful women.

In recent years, I’ve undergone significant personal growth and engaged in deep self-reflection, discovering the transformative impact that taking action has had on my life.

Now, I’m making a bold commitment to my mission, and I’m feeling incredibly inspired. This work is not only greatly needed but also fulfilling. My wish is to inspire you to take that leap, to do that one thing you’ve been avoiding or feared, and witness where it takes you.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the journey that Her Money Collective will take me on. I can’t wait to meet and assist many incredible women. It’s exhilarating, and yes, it involves a lot of hard work. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Amanda xx

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

From Adviser to Coach:
My Professional Journey

My extensive experience and professional journey are the cornerstones of my role as your Financial Coach. With 24+ years in Financial Services and 15+ years as a Financial Adviser, Financial Coach and Mentor, I bring a wealth of knowledge to guide you on your financial path. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma in Financial Planning, and the esteemed Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

However, my commitment to personal growth and development doesn’t stop at formal education. I continually seek opportunities for self-improvement, including informal courses in Personal Growth & Development, Mindfulness, and Business Strategy. My dedication to learning and growth ensures that I provide you with the most effective and well-rounded financial coaching experience.


and just a little bit in the media & an ambassador position…

Media Recognition and


I’ve had the privilege of sharing my expertise and insights in esteemed publications like the Financial Review, where I’ve highlighted the essential role of professional financial guidance and support during life-changing events.

I am also thrilled to announce my recent appointment as an Ambassador for the Ladies Finance Club, I’m delighted to be a part of this empowering community. Together, we’re dedicated to supporting and guiding women on their journey to financial well-being. Our collective mission aligns seamlessly, and I’m honoured to collaborate wit Ladies Finance Club in empowering women to master their financial lives.

money coaching financial wellbeing amanda her money collective


A woman-led, purpose-driven business that empowers and supports women to transform their lives through financial clarity, confidence, and well-being.

My Mission As Your

Financial Coach

To support and empower women in navigating financial challenges during significant life transitions, ensuring they conquer financial stress, secure long-term financial well-being, and embrace a brighter future.

Unveiling My Values: A Compassionate and Empowering Approach

Simple. Accessible. Life-changing.

At the core of my financial coaching philosophy, you’ll find this set of principles that guide my practice and shape the way I empower my clients to transform their financial well-being.

Through my extensive experience, I’ve come to understand that many women often hesitate to seek financial advice. They feel it’s elusive, uncertain about where to begin, unsure about who to turn to and feel limited by their knowledge and confidence. So many women want to master their money in a way that allows them to feel more in control of their current situation but that also empowers them with the skills and confidence to create a financially well-organised life.

My principles revolve around making financial coaching straightforward, practical, and achievable for women. Through tailored and personalised coaching, robust support, and valuable resources, my aim is to equip you with the tools to make real progress and create sustainable change.

I find immense fulfilment in guiding you towards and maintaining your financial well-being during significant life changes. I’m here to accompany you on your journey, nurturing your financial awareness, knowledge, and confidence to elevate your financial well-being.

My ultimate goal is to help you gain a deep understanding of your financial situation and provide you with the clarity and confidence needed to navigate your path to your desired financial destination.

The Journey to Financial Confidence Starts Here

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