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Empowering Women to embrace life changes and elevate their Financial Wellbeing.


Welcome to Her Money Collective!

Are you a woman wanting (let’s be real… needing) to create a well-organised financial life during or after a major life change?

Are you searching for the right tools and expert guidance to navigate life’s transitions with unwavering financial confidence, crystal-clear clarity, and absolute ease?

You’re in the right place.

Introducing your Money Coach


Guiding You Towards Financial Wellness…

With over 24 years in Financial Services, including 15+ years as a Financial Adviser, I’m here to help you achieve financial wellness and freedom. I specialise in guiding women to confidently master their money, ensuring financial well-being throughout pivotal life changes and beyond.

I understand the unique challenges that women face when it comes to money, and I’ve assisted hundreds in overcoming these challenges to create a financial journey they’re genuinely proud of.

money coaching financial wellbeing amanda her money collective

It’s About So Much More Than Money Management!

Sound familiar? Your inner monologue might include one or even all these common thoughts:

“I don’t know where my money goes”

“I’ve just never been good with numbers”

“I want to be more involved with our finances”

“Money isn’t my strong point”

“What if I don’t have enough?”

“How do I do this on my own?”

“I wish someone could explain this stuff… simply”

Have you recently experienced a life-altering event that’s prompted you to re-evaluate your financial well-being? Whether it’s a career shift, a new phase in life, a divorce, or an unexpected health concern, these changes can be overwhelming.

If you’re feeling lost, unsure of where to begin, or simply lacking the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to set and achieve financial goals, I’m here to guide you.

With my mission to help women break free from avoidance and equip them with the tools and empowerment required to take action, I’m all about helping you move forward.

At the heart of this journey is cultivating a healthier money mindset because, ultimately, effective money management begins with that mindset. So, let’s embark on this financial transformation together, where financial well-being and confidence go hand in hand.


Tailored Money Coaching For Women

With over 24 years of invaluable experience, expertise, and skills, I specialise in demystifying the complexities of money, finance, and wealth creation. My approach is grounded in practical, everyday strategies that empower women at every stage of life to attain financial well-being independently and with unwavering confidence.

It’s worth noting that while women managing finances on their own are often drawn to my content and support, my coaching is beneficial to women from various walks of life. This is because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as personal clarity and financial confidence, whether you’re navigating money matters independently or alongside your partner.

Money Mentorship To Give You A Plan
And Transform Your Life

Her Vital Money

A 3-month journey infused with 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions, essential tools, resources and more. Equipping you with the fundamentals for establishing a healthy financial future.

Her Elevated Money
A 5-month journey infused with 10 x 1:1 coaching sessions, valuable tools, resources and more. Crafted for those navigating intricate financial situations or striving for ambitious personal goals. This mentorship is your ticket to financial empowerment on an elevated scale.
Her Money
Self-paced, online education with pre-recorded video modules and monthly group coaching, enabling you to craft an achievable money plan for ultimate financial well-being.
Her Money Momentum


Ongoing support for accountability, sustained momentum, and ongoing financial organisation as long as you need it.
money coaching financial wellbeing amanda her money collective

What you can expect

Just imagine being empowered to create financial stability… how it would feel to have peace of mind for the future… and clarity on how to achieve your goals. Picture a future where money isn’t an issue, struggle, or challenge and becomes a resource you confidently manage.


Testimonials And Transformations


Just Three Steps To Mastering Your Money

Book Your No-Obligation Discovery Call
Begin with a complimentary 15-minute call, where you share your story, and I ensure that my support and resources align with your needs.
Personalised Coaching For Your Lifestyle
If it’s a perfect match, I’ll recommend the coaching packaging tailored to your schedule and goals. After you sign the agreement, we’ll book your sessions in advance so you simply show up as agreed and embark on your journey to transform your financial well-being.
Lifelong Support
Whether you opt for a 1:1 service or group coaching service, you’ll receive extra tools and resources for reference whenever you need them. Plus, you’ll join our members-only Facebook community, where I’m available weekly to address any questions and provide support as your journey unfolds.


It’s Time To Master Your Money

let’s get started


Money Planner

Sign up for my newsletter for essential information, valuable tips and receive a complimentary copy of my signature Money Planner. It’s a great place to start on your financial journey!
money coaching financial wellbeing amanda her money collective

Is this the type of support you’ve been seeking?

It’s time to confidently build financial well-being that will not only help sustain you through life transitions but well beyond.

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